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Roslyakova Svetlana
assistant (qualification "assistant")


Master of engineering and technology, engineer of the department "The Higher School of Lighting Design" at ITMO University, member of the creative association of lighting designers RULD.

Graduated in Lighting Engineering from National Research University "MPEI" and has 6 years’ experience in the field of lighting.

The main lighting projects:

- entrance lighting for the football stadium “Anji-Arena”;

- “Formula of light: research of light medium of Volkhonka district”;

- architectural lighting projects according to the concept of creating uniform light and color environment of Moscow city.

Researcher since 2015

She is specialized on the color dynamic lighting systems in an urban environment.

International scientific papers:

1. Porokhnya, S.V. Research of the biological effectiveness of artificial lighting / S.V. Porokhnya // Proceedings of the 2011 3rd International Youth Conference on Energetics, IYCE 2011. – 2011.

2. Роrokhnya, S.V. The study of light and biological effectiveness of artificial lighting / S.V. Роrokhnya // Proceedings of the 10th International conference for young lighting engineering "Lux junior". – 2011. – Pp. 59

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